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Anxiety Tips: Beleive in the Best Possible Outcome!

June 24, 2021 Safa Qureshi Season 1 Episode 4
My Positive Pocket
Anxiety Tips: Beleive in the Best Possible Outcome!
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Date: June 24, 2021
My Positive Pocket
Episode 4:
 Anxiety Tip: Beleive in the Best Possible Outcome!

Summary: We all experience bubbles of anxiety from time to time... Here's a tippy tip to pop the bubbles before they pop your buttons off!

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  • - A perspective shift to shake off anxiety!
  • - Trusting in the Universe
  • - Beleive in the best possible outcome!
  • - You don't know all the options!
  • -My Oracle Cards on Self-Love!

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Safa: 0:03

Welcome to My Positive Pocket. My name is Safa Qureshi, and this is the sparkly little pocket where I will share the stories of my life and lessons I've learned along the way! And of course, this little pocket of yours is going to be filled with positivity . I seem to be always overflowing with positivity sparkles, so this is the little pocket where I share those sparkles with you, straight through your earbuds. So thank you for joining me and thank you for seeing what's in your little pocket today!

Hello darling beautiful. Welcome to another episode! Today we are going to be looking into anxiety because anxiety, even if you identify as having, you know, anxiety, the term or if you just get anxiety, anxiety is such a common thing that us humans have to deal with, from time to time.

They wouldn't be so stressed out because, well, we're just so certain that the best possible outcome is going to happen. And even if it doesn't, it'll be so much better than if you just believe the worst possible outcome is going to happen. You start experiencing it in your head once then you experience it in real life another time, and then you feel guilty.

I'm not perfect. I definately  have anxiety from time to time. But it's how we deal with the anxiety that really matters. Because in life, you're given what you're given. But it's up to you to decide what you're going to do with the different elements that you're given. And create something that's beautiful and makes your life magical. And that's what makes life so much fun! You're given all these fun elements, you know, these fun elements, some of them are good, some of them are, quote in quote, bad. Some of them are, you know, whatever stressful. And the reality is, there are no labels for the elements you're given in life. There is no good event or bad event. I mean, you can look at the whole literature side, like, you know, there is no good or no bad. It's but it but it thinking that makes it so! who is that Shakespeare maybe! But yeah, so life events are not good nor bad. Because you have to look at it as a perspective, from a perspective of they were given to you for a reason. And some of them are more challenging than others. And some of them are a little bit more, you know, celebratory and joyous. But it doesn't make the scary ones bad. Because in the end, you need those scary ones. 

And you need all the elements to complete your life. And, you know, you need all the colors in the rainbow, you need all the seasons in the year and you need any you need all of the years in your life, and you need all the chapters in your book. So enjoy the chapters, the ones that make you squeamish and whatnot, but they're all just meant for you, and they're serving you in some greater way that you may or may not see right now. So, when life gives you all of these elements, and some of them are uncomfy, and some of them trigger anxiety attacks, we just need to remember that they're all doing a greater good in us, for us on our journey to becoming the most beautiful, the most, you know, grounded and a whole being that you are becoming an ever becoming. And you know, it's just the person that you were meant to be and you need all of these experiences and these elements that you are given life to navigate through the constellations of the stars and well you know, find your happy place where all the stars align. 

So I don't know if you got anything from that mumbo jumbo, spur of the moment. But I've been really thinking about it in my life very specifically a lot recently. And anxiety. I mean, anxiety is getting stressed out about things and experiencing things in our mind that haven't happened yet. And we are living through these experiences of doom in our mind, before they've even happened if they're even going to happen. And so we're worried about them actually happening. But whether or not they actually happened, it doesn't matter, because we just made them happen in our minds. And we have to experience it almost as if it had just happened, which is what we were trying to avoid in the first place. And it's so hard to think logically, whenever you're in the thick of it. I mean, anxiety is just, well, it's stressful, and you kind of scramble and you panic, and you tend to just go to worst resort, worst possible outcome.

But if you put all of your energy into the worst possible outcome, you're only fueling it because what you think of grows, and if you're fueling the worst possible option, it is more likely to occur. And you're not going to have you know, all the strength to carry out the best possible scenario. If you're too busy worrying about the worst possible scenario, that well, hasn't even happened yet. So honestly, we're just doing ourselves a big disservice. 

And it's just a downward spiral, isn't it? But the good news is that we can rework these thoughts in our minds, and we can rework you know, tendencies and habits that we've developed over the years, or that we picked up from those around us. And I don't know, perhaps our parents, it all runs very deep, and you're always absorbing from your surroundings, whether you know, they're serving you or not, or whether you realize it or not. So, be gentle with yourself. Don't ever feel like you're punishing yourself for not being perfect, because nobody is. And despite how amazing and perfect somebody might seem on the exterior, you never know what's going on on the inside. And you don't see them every second of their life, you only see them for a snippet, whether or not they can kind of curate and show you what they want you to see and not necessarily what all is to be seen. So be gentle with yourself, because you are a precious being, and whether or not you, you know, find yourself to be in a place that you're very proud of that the moment your precious, and you'll get there, and you're ever on your journey to becoming who you're meant to become. And you don't have to worry about it coming sooner, because you just need to trust that it's on the way. 

And that's kind of what I'm thinking about what I've been thinking about recently! I mean, you see if anxiety is simply reliving or not even reliving, but, you know, pro living like living the future, or perhaps a fragment of the future of what can be before it actually occurs, and fueling the chances of it actually occurring. So, if all that is good and dandy, and I think I understand that, but then how do we like how do we solve the puzzle? How do we feel grounded and certain for something we don't know? And basically, it all comes around uncertainty. And we get very insecure when of where you think you know how uncertain life is and how unpredictable life is. And so we feel the necessity to predict the worst possible outcome, which you know, like I said, is kind of garbage and leads us to stress and anxiety.

But what if we just believed in the best possible outcome, and did our all of the, you know, put all of our energy and thoughts and effort into the best possible scenario?Think how different it would be if we did that, firstly, we wouldn't be so stressed out, because, well, we're just so certain that the best possible outcome is going to happen. And even if it doesn't, it'll be so much better than if you just believe the worst possible outcome is going to happen. You start experiencing it in your head once, then you experience it in real life and other time, and then you feel guilty for fueling it, and only believing in that and then you feel like you're proving yourself right, that you say, I'm garbage, I couldn't do it. I knew I couldn't do it. I proved myself, right. You see, it's just a downward spiral. And it's not serving us. And it's not serving us one bit. So it's time to do a parallel, and change that thought pattern, and do something a little bit more ornate and beautiful, if you know what I mean.

So what if we trust in the unknown? Before it is known, the unknown is scary, because we don't know what it holds. And it could be cool and quote, good or bad company or uncomfy, happy or sad? Or we're associating the future or what feelings that we're going to feel when it occurs. So scary events, you know, happy events, joyful events. It's just, you know, it's a hot, it's a modpodge, of at all. And so what if we trust in the universe, or perhaps God, or however you like to refer to a higher and more, you know, certain conductor of the future than yourself. And you just have to think of yourself as a small piece of the puzzle. And this small piece of the puzzle will complete the full puzzle. And you may not know what the rest of the puzzle is going to look like, before it has been complete. But yet, you just have to trust that all the pieces will fall into place. And you will know in the time that you're supposed to know and not a moment before!

But I've never failed a math test. And I've never studied for a math test because I just can't find the motivation to put my energy into something I care so little about. But in school, you have to take all the subjects and so of course, I had to take math tests. But before a math test, or quiz, first I would ground myself and I would put myself in a happy place. A place of certainty. So I would write I love Kenai. And then I would scribble a heart over it. And I would put curly fancy letters and it would make me happy Kenai is my horse. And keen eye makes me so happy and keen eye brings me to a happy place. So I would just think of him, right for every quiz. And I was a very consuming quiz taker. I took a very long time I would always take every second they gave me because I was slow, because I didn't know the answers. I had to feel for them. And it wasn't Just like mogpodge of like, circle this circle that, I had to really feel for it and look at the answers and which one felt right, instead of, you know, doing some mathematical equations. Because if I were to start attempting mathematical equations, well, then we would really fail. And I would just get frustrated, and I would go into a bad place or unhappy place.

So I take my time, but nevertheless, I would always spend the time to write my horses name on the front of the test. And it was probably noticed by teachers that there was this big scribbly modge Podge of letters that they couldn't, you know, read very illegible, and curly. But it did me well. And so I've never done bad on a math test or math quiz. And my sister who's amazing at math, sometimes got a lower score than me because she was attempting all the equations, whereas I was just feeling for the answers. Interesting notion. I don't know if I can say too much about it, because I don't know too much about it. But it's just something I've noticed in my life, that when I just believe in myself, double, triple things occur, and the future is so fruitful. And when you don't worry about the worst outcome, the best outcome almost always happens. And even if it doesn't happen, well guess what? We're not in control of the universe, and who are we to decide what the best possible outcome is? Because we don't know all the options. Think of it that way. 

You might be so terribly frustrated that on the day of your interview, you get stuck behind traffic jam, and you're so darn irritated, and you feel like you've got the worst possible outcome. Because you're stuck in a you know, in a traffic jam, and you're potentially losing your possible future of a job. But you don't know the other possibilities. And you don't know their outcomes. What if you if you were on time, just a millisecond earlier, you would have had a car accident and your life would have ended, you just don't know. And so you shouldn't feel like the universe gave you garbage whenever you get what you think, is the worst possible outcome. Because you have to believe that it is the best out possible outcome and navigate yourself through it and find out for yourself, why it's the best possible outcome. It's a practice of like you're constantly been given things. And it doesn't mean that you're right or wrong, or that it's good or bad. But it's just further serving you in your journey to becoming who you're meant to become. So the uncomfy things are meant for you to develop and become the most beautiful, most wonderful version of you. So thank them, all that comes with it. They're all presence, and you need to be grateful for your presence. It's rude to open a present in front of somebody and be like, Oh, I was imagining that it would be a unicorn, but instead you gave me a stuffed animal of a unicorn. This is the worst possible outcome. No, it's not. They could have given you horse poop. You don't know. And so you shouldn't be feeling like you know all the answers beforehand. Because the truth is, well, we're not that glorious. We're quite glorious. But you know, as humans, we're not that glorious. And so we don't know all the answers. But again, that's what makes lifemuch fun. 

Unknown Speaker  19:30  
And it's a little adventure. And that is what allows creativity and you're able to create your life and make the both past or the make the best possible outcome because it's your life. And you can't define your life by what you're given in life. Instead, can't define your life by what feels right. And what you create, even though you were given certain hardships are even though despite all the uncomfy times, you're double as beautiful. And you are a shining star in the constellations of the universe. So acknowledge yourself, and be kind to yourself, because you're constantly just on this little journey. And you're learning all of the steps along the way. And you'll know, just when you're supposed to know. You see, I don't think I'm just coming up with this garbage. I think it's pretty much true. And I have just kind of noticed what's occurred in my life, and pretty much gathered that this is how it works. 

And quite recently, an example is, well, I just the other day, was it yesterday, possibly the day before, I just decided that I was going to be so fully grateful for the things that we're just about to happen. And I didn't know them yet. And so I spent all my energy and gratitude to the universe. For the gifts, that were just around the corner. And I believed in the gifts that were just around the corner, the little pieces of success. For my, you know, my art business, were just around the corner. I knew it, I can feel it, I could smell it in my bones. Wait, that didn't make any sense. I could smell it in the air. And I could feel it in the bone. This is awful. And I can feel it in my bones. I'll leave that I won't edit that out. You see, I can stumbled too.

But I just felt it coming. And I trusted it. And I imagined as if it was already here. And I think that's how the universe works! You have to believe in it before it occurs. And you have to believe in it before it exists. And therefore the lack of will be filled by the thing actually occurring if you only believe. And so I believed I just decided that wonderful, fabulous things were coming to me right around the corner, and I just couldn't put my finger on it because well, hasn't happened yet. But I know it and so I was thankful for it. Because it was coming on the way.

And low and behold, it was on the way I knew it. And guess what happened that day. I was requested to you know, take two Commission's one pet portrait and one chicken which was also a pet portrait but one dog and one chicken. So side note you can commission me and I will get happy and start sending gratitude vibes to the universe. So to commission me I had will make me very happy and it'll make you happy too.

But yeah, so one of their both pet portraits. And one of them was a chicken, which I am so excited to do on the other one was the angel dog that just crossed over the rainbow onto a new life. So the mother was feeling very broken. And so she commissioned me to do a pet portrait of her dog, Angel. And so, yeah, so that happened. And then lo and behold, later down the road, I am working, you know, back and forth with solidifying to work with somebody one on one further mindset coaching and going through traumas, because that's another one of my Forte's. You see, I am a fine artist and I paint animals to save animals and I sell my prints and all the little things that I make, to benefit the animals and support the animals by choosing an organization every month, and then donating what I can to that organization to you know, inspire good by doing good and being good and feeling good. So I care about animals, the nature and the universe, the universe. Well, that too, but animals and nature and the natural world. And so I give back to those things I give back to what I believe in. And so I support these through my business is my life purpose, if you will, but I'm outside you see, I, if you just haven't noticed by now, I'm a rather positive person, and I love to help people and make them more positive. So recently, I've decided that I'm going to become available to working one on one with people. And lo and behold, somebody came into my life. And well, we start going back and forth and figuring out what the best option is for him. And looks like I am going to be working with somebody now, because I was open to the possibility and the universe delivered.

So Oh, um, yeah, a side note, I was also open to the opportunity of getting pet potraits. And I thought to myself, it would be nice if I get pet portraits, it's on the way. And then boom, pet portraits happen! I didn't know which one of my my hopes and dreams were going to come true. But I did know something was around the corner! And so I got those two. And you see, life becomes so much less stressful. And honestly, it obliterates stress to begin with, when you just believe in trust in the best possible outcome. And you just believe in the gifts that are on the way, and all the wonderful, fabulous things the universe has planned for you before they happened. And then it makes your life just a tad more magical before they happen. So makes your life extremely magical when they do happen. So in anxiety, we experienced the worst possible outcome twice. And by trusting in the unknown, we experienced the best possible outcome twice. So instead of double treble, let's get double good or double. Okay, what's the opposite of trouble? Double. I was gonna say double obedient. But that sounded awful double. Oh, no, double sparkly. You know what I mean? I know what I mean. So, trust, trust in the unknown, trusting the universe, trusting God, trust in whatever you beleive in! Trust in the fairies trust in the pixie dust, the bread fall in the pudding! You just need to activate your thoughts to become one with all that is meant to be. And it will feel so much more secure, with uncertainty and insecurity. Because that's what makes life so magical. Because if he knew all the outcomes, life would be so boring, and not exciting. It's like a spoiler alert. You don't want to read the book if you know what's going to happen? It ruins it. So guess what, if you knew everything that was going to happen in your life, and you knew what all the outcomes were, your life would be boring. And you would want to put down the book. Be grateful for the mystery and the uncertainty because that's what makes life so exciting. And that's what makes your book entertaining. And the hardships paired with the times of beautiful lighten you know, joyous events are in the big grand scheme of things to make you live the most interesting and fullest life possible because you want to live to your fullest life. your fullest, fullest life and fullest life includes all the elements. So be thankful for every single one that hops along your way. And that's all I have to say for now, I think. But those are just some rambles some thoughts that I well some of them that I thought beforehand and other ones that just kind of came out of my mouth on the fly. You see, you know, truth be told, I don't prepare for these podcasts. I don't even prepare the topic I just allow. And I allow the universe to move my mouth and say the right words because I believe the right words will happen.

 And so I don't pre prepare my podcast so they sound kind of modgepodge and all over the place. And I think I've said modgepodge about a million times in this episode. I'm sorry, not sorry. But this is what I do. And I do what I do, and you know, like it or don't. But yeah, so I just, you know, decided to walk in and I was like, it seems like a good day for a podcast. And so I just kind of let the words blurred out. But I feel that it might have been somewhat helpful for my dear butterfly listeners. And so if you enjoyed it, I would appreciate if you, well subscribe to my podcast if not already, and leave a review because I love you and I support you. And I want to hear from you. Because recording a podcast is, well slightly, like recording to a brick wall when you don't get to hear what's on the other side. 

So I'd love to hear from you a little flutterflies, because I  love you very much, even though I don't know who you are. And I love you regardless. Some things that have been happening in my life very recently that are exciting, is that I have presently created Oracle cards that are all about fostering yourself love. And oh, there's just so pretty in pink and just filled with self love floppies to well in chat to your soul and make you truly love yourself. Because you have to truly love yourself before you can unleash your fullest potential and shine your gifts on the world. So I am excited for what they're going to turn out to be because they're going to be the best possible outcome and the most sparkly, most beautiful thing. And they're going to reach the most wonderful people. Because I believe in the best possible outcome. Either that or you know, the best possible outcome I can come up with. But the universe is a bit more creative than me, even though I'm an artist. And so I trust the universe, that it's going to give me the best possible outcome. And I'm so excited. Because what I imagine is beautiful. And if it's not what I imagined, well, then it's going to be even better. 

Because the best is out for me, and I believe in the uncertainty of the future. And so you can too, and check out my Oracle cards if you can. And if you're interested and blossoming and flourishing yourself love, because I would love to touch your heart, from my heart to yours with little guidance paired along with beautiful paintings of horses and blossoms and it's so beautiful, and flourishing with these beautiful little cards that will help you love you. So tootles for now, and I hope you got some golden tidbits from this episode, and I'll talk to you next time. Bye-bye! Sending you my love!

My Self-Love Oracle deck is a available on my website, and I will leave the link in the show description notes. But do check them out! They're ever so pretty in pink and well everybody needs a little boost once in a while for self love. And so what better way then to take the little cards and just fill your soul with so much inspiration and beautiful thought provoking messages that will truly foster your self love. And again, you can find them in my link in the show description notes. But for now, and I do hope that you love them. I know they're going to bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. And you could be one of those people. Take a look at my show description notes and you will see what they look like! Tootles for now and have a magical day.

You can see all of my artwork and what I'm currently working on at You can also join my Flutter Flock. My Flutter Flock is my positivity group where I share sparkles from my heart to yours. It's just one little extra step above the podcast! If that feels right to you, be sure to join, and I'd love to have you. You can join by going to my website and signing up for my newsletter. And I would love to hear from you guys, leave a comment and I'll be sure to reply. And every little drop of support means the absolute world to me and I cherish your love and support. So thank you so much, but that's all for now! Enjoy your day, and I'll talk to you next time. Bye! Tootles for now!

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