My Positive Pocket

Bring Joy to Others: Spread Happy Surprises and Smiles!

April 15, 2021 Safa Qureshi Season 1 Episode 3
My Positive Pocket
Bring Joy to Others: Spread Happy Surprises and Smiles!
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Date: April 15, 2021
My Positive Pocket
Episode 3: Bring Joy to Others: Spread Happy Surprises and Smiles!

Summary: This is what I've been up to lately! I'm delivering vegan cupcakes to neighbors and strangers! Why not?! It is such a fun way to bring delight to unexpected hearts!


  • - A fun tippy tip to bring a little spark into your life! 
  • - Shake it up when life seems dull!
  • - Live happily by spreading delight!
  • - The Universe will knows what you need!
  • - If it's meant for you, It' come to you!
  • - Sprinkle Surprises to make other people's lives more magical!
  • - Be generous.
  • -  Live in a way that puts forth in the world you want to live in.

Let's be friends!

Safa Qureshi  0:03 :
Hello, welcome to my positive pocket! My name is Safa and this is the sparkly little pocket where I will share the stories of my life and the lessons I've learned along the way! And of course, this little pocket of yours is going to be filled with positivity! I seem to be always overflowing with positivity sparkles. So this the little pocket where I can share those sparkles with you, straight through your earbuds! So thank you for joining me, and thank you for seeing what's in your little pocket today!

I am recording in the studio. And if you hear a little chirping, that is kiwi, my darling bird. And she doesn't like it when I'm talking to myself. But to today, I just thought it would be fun to do a little

positivity-packed episode on what I've been up to recently in my life and it has been absolutely so much fun. And I just thought I'd share it with you, and hopefully, it'll bring you some little sparkles to make your life just a little bit more wondrous and magical and make your story more exciting. And Also, touch the stories of other people, and inspire them to make their rippling effects, and flap their butterfly wings in a butterfly effect to change the world! 

I mean, life is an adventure. It's this little little story. It's like a little adorable fairytale book, that you get to design and you get to write with every moment of every day. And it's really your choice to decide how you want to live your life and live out to your beautiful little story and whether or not you want to make your story beautiful, or rather dull or boring, or I don't know, it's all up to you. But once you really take initiative of that, and not just wait for exciting things to happen to you, But bring the exciting things to you instead of waiting for exciting things to happen. Because you get to design your life you get to create your life. And that's what makes life so much fun. And I want you to look back at your memories and look back at your life, you know, years from now, when you're a lovely white haired person sitting by the window sill and looking outside and you see a rainbow to look back at your life. And think, wow, I really lived it to the fullest. And I made so many delightful memories to look back on. I mean, who wouldn't want that? And Kiwi is getting rather anxious that I'm having a whole conversation and by myself without her. But she'll be just fine. She's got her corn, she loves corn. But anyway, I mean, one way to make your life a little bit more magical, and to make other people's lives a little bit more magical and create a butterfly effect of just happy thoughts. And I don't know Joyous  community love is that you can give out to others. And it can be in the most small, beautiful little gestures that speak volumes. And one thing that I really love and it's something that brings me quite a bit of joy in my daily life is that well one thing is I do take several walks, I'm an avid Walker, I love to walk and you see I'm a fine artist. So I do like my my marketing work and my like social outreach during my walk. Solike a horrible millennial I'm on my phone a lot during my walks, answering people's, you know, messages and emails and DMS, you know, direct messages if you're on Instagram. And yeah, I really, I really love connecting with people. And it's what makes you know, the whole artistic journey so much more magical when I get to see or experience what people actually feel and receive through my artwork.

It's always just such a touching experience. So anyway, I'm on these walks all the time. And through these walks, the neighbors have really come to know me as that, you know, three o'clock and 1pm walking girl that is just kind of like walking past their house rain or shine with a blue hat throughout the year, no matter how cold it gets, or even if it's just like pouring outside. I will just be on that walk walking super fast, you know, drenched, but yeah, it's just a fun factoid of me. I take many, many walks. And I love connecting with my neighbors and my neighborhood and meeting new people and just touching neighbors and they don't know making their lives just a little bit more magical because the silly, the silly girl with the blue hat passes by their house every day. But I love to introduce myself and something I did in the summertime was when I would have an abundance of watermelons, or any kind of melon because I am absolutely obsessed with melons and an interesting factoid about me is that I have literally made an investment and hoarded phenomenally ridiculous amount of melons in the summertime to last me throughout the year, so I've been rationing out melons like watermelons and cantaloupes and what is it honeydues that I have stocked up in the summertime. And I am trying to like ration it out throughout the year until it's melon season again, and I literally made a deal with the grocery store to store melons for me and their giant walk in refrigerator. But anyway, so when I have an abundance of melons, I deliver melons to the neighbors and just a little unexpected, delightful surprise to make their lives a little bit more magical. And to inspire them to just like return the favor and well just bring little sparkles to others in the community. And it's just a butterfly effect. sparkles and joy and happiness and who wouldn't want that? I mean, it's what makes the world go round, I think. So lately what I've been doing because I have not been having an abundance of melons, I'm like, rationing to the bare minimum. I think melons are supposed to come back and season in about a month or so. And yeah, oh, make it I know I will but you know, I don't have enough to give away and I don't think I should give away. The ones I have now because they look a little bit scary. I mean, they're good for me, but you don't want to give somebody else melons with mold on the outside. For sure. 

But what I've been doing now is recently a few days ago, I got a case of cupcakes from the grocery store because I do not know how to bake. I'm actually a raw vegan which means I don't cook anything. I don't cook anything and I am awful at cooking. So that aside, I cannot bake. I have never baked in my life. I mean, I have when I was young and under the supervision of my mom, but other than that, I am not a baker. So I bought cupcakes from the grocery store. And they are vegan, of course, you know, in line with my ethical values. And they're also all top eight allergy friendly. The bakery doesn't have any gluten, any wheat, any soy, any, like, I don't know, shellfish ,and I don't know they even mentioned celery! I didn't know people were allergic to celery, and mustard seeds and all the things in this bakery that is like it's their mission to make the school friendly cupcakes that you can bring to the classroom and every child can eat. So, I got those cupcakes. And they were the only vegan cupcakes. And they're absolutely adorable. They are so tiny. That was a pleasant surprise. I didn't know based off of the... You see I order my groceries on instacart it's just like an app on my phone and somebody else actually shops for my groceries. So I never actually go to the store. So I got these cupcakes and they are chocolate flavored in little wrappers obviously because, you know, cupcakes come in those little paper, accordion looking, wrapping papers, little presents, and they have white icing, and a little bit of either I'm not even sure you see I don't have cupcakes, so I haven't tried them. But I do believe it is either cinnamon on top or by like some kind of chocolate powder. I'm not sure. But they look really good. And they smell delightful. So I... oh my goodness. Kiwi! Oh, darling. All right. I'm in painting in the studio. And the next thing I knew, I felt little claws climbing up my sock. So evidently, Miss Kiwi would like to sit on my shoulder maybe that will make her less chirpy. Alright, Kiwi is on the shoulder now. But anyway, I so I got those cupcakes. And what I am doing as I am delivering the cupcakes to strangers and neighbors, just to make their lives just a little bit more sparkly, and sweet. And just happy feelings all around. So I have delivered I believe about seven cupcakes so far. And it is so much fun. I have three I think I have like three more in the case. And Oh, looks like Kiwi wants to go back to her place stand. Dooo do do alrighty!

I have a few cupcakes left. And I think I'm gonna try to deliver them all today because I ordered another case of cupcakes. Because I have a grocery order coming today. And this time I ordered vanilla cupcakes. But I mean, it's absolutely so much fun. And you'll just spread a bunch smiles. Of course, since the COVID thing you do have to be very, you know, clean and not probably not everybody will be comfortable taking food from others. But in my area. We're very fortunate and we are not really touched so heavily by the pandemic, at least not right now. And not compared to you know, other places in the United States, though Oh, I have been delivering cupcakes and I have made people so happy.

It was so funny. So my neighbor is he's like, right across from my street and he I saw him open his garage, and he was about to, you know, open the garage door and walk into his car. And so I walked into his garage, and I was waiting for him right at that door. And then he just opens the door. He was like, whoa. And I was just like, prompted him, what would you like a vegan cupcake? And he was just so delighted and started laughing and was like of course I would want a Vegan Cupcake! What a lovely surprise. And I mean, how would you feel if you were just going to work. And then you open the garage door and you're you're expecting to see your car and just, you know, like, hop in and drive to work. You see that ridiculous girl with the blue hat with a chocolate cupcake and offering a Vegan Cupcake. I mean, how delightful is that? He probably smiled at at every little bite of that teeny tiny cupcake. 

But yeah, so it's just been so much fun. And I totally recommend if COVID is not, you know, very restrictive in your area, you should get a case of cupcakes and deliver them to strangers and neighbors if you're feeling dull or maybe you're a little bit shy. Or maybe you just don't know many of the neighbors. Or maybe you are a very neighborly person. Anyone works. I mean, this is just so much fun. I mean, honestly, even if it sounds boring to you, you will be surprised at how fun it is to deliver things to people unexpectedly and make them smile. I live in a very generous community. And I don't know how it is where you live. But I live in talent, Oregon, and my neighborhood and just everywhere in Oregon, for what I know, is just a so absolutely communal. In our culture, we're just very, very neighborly people. And you know, all around the world, there's something known as a garage sale, or I think on the East Coast, they call the tag sales or whatever. It's just like where you sell a bunch of stuff that you have lying around in your house. Well, in Oregon, or at least where I live, we have free sales, and people will just put like a table outside of their house and fill it with free stuff that is just free for taking to anybody who passes by. And you will find the most surprising things there. I mean, it's not junk. By no means, they're actually lovely little items that are, you know, accessible and delighting to just like random people. So yesterday, I got this beautiful, gigantic seashell from one of the free stands and it just absolutely made my day because I didn't know I wanted a seashell. But now I have this big beautiful seashell by my bedside. And I get to listen to the ocean every night before I go to sleep, which is so lovely because I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, by the ocean, and literally on the shore by the ocean and ocean is just kind of like in my blood and I love the ocean. But I don't live by the ocean now. So it's just like such a lovely sentiment to have a seashell by my bedside. I absolutely love it, but I wouldn't tell It if someone hadn't, you know, decided to just give it up to the community. And basically free stands is like a very, very intuitive way that little things can end up in your life because the universe just decided for me that I was meant to have a seashell and planted a seashell in my life. But I don't know, I think it's so lovely. And I mean, the kinds of things you see at free stands are very high quality like today, I just walked past a computer monitor, and a whole computer desk and everything like that goes with it, it was beautiful. I don't need it, but somebody does. And it's just so lovely that we can get things for free around here. You see, I had been needing a printer for the longest time. And so the universe planted a printer into my life, because I believe that it would work out somehow. And eventually, I would just have a printer. And I just kind of nodded my head and decided that a printer was coming to me. 

And low and behold, there was a neighbor, who told me that she knew a lady who had a printer that she would love to give me. And so out of the blue, I got a, I don't know what it is, it's like a, it's like an HP inkjet 8000, It's huge. It's absolutely massive. And it's it's just absolutely beautiful. And it creates the most beautiful prints. And now, I suddenly got a lot more than what I thought I needed, I got this gigantic printer, that I can now start printing fine art prints. And because you know, I'm a fine artist, and I sell prints. So it was such a blessing for me. And I've got it just based off the will of the universe. Because if I were to have looked for a computer on Amazon, I mean, if I were to have looked for a printer on Amazon, I would have chosen a very cheap one that can just get the job done for printing like flyers and such. But what I got was so much more, and I got it for free. It's like the universe knows what you need. You just need to trust the universe and trust that what you need is coming to you. And you don't have to worry about it or force it, it just kind of comes and you will receive what you're meant to receive. If it's meant for you, it'll come to you. And so at least that's how I live my life. 

But anyway, I hope you enjoyed these little tidbits of tippy tricks that you can sprinkle into your lives, to make your life just a little bit more wondrous and magical and make your story more exciting. And also touch the stories of other people and inspire them to make rippling effects and flap their butterfly wings and the butterfly effect to change the world and just spread happiness and positivity. Because I decided to live in a way that would make the world that I want to live in. And I want to live in a beautiful magical world where people just give without expecting to receive and just do delightful things to you know, neighbors and strangers and everybody because it's a magical thing to do. And I'm putting forth in that planet. And I vote for that world, by the actions I take in my little life and me living life in a way that I want others to live life creates a butterfly effect and creates my environment to becoming more loving, more caring, and more sparkly. So why don't you flap your butterfly wings, and bring delight and wonder to your life and also touch the others, and also touch others and be a butterfly for change. Whatever you say, maybe it's time to order some cupcakes. But if it's gonna be cupcakes, do order vegan cupcakes for bonus points, because cruelty free cupcakes will spread the beautiful notions. If you're purchasing cupcakes that have included the torture of animals. And, you know, the dairy industry is just heartbreaking. And so perhaps you should spread happy, beautiful positive thoughts without the monetary baggage of having voted for cruelty and abuse of mother cows that just deserve to live a beautiful life too.

But go order those vegan cupcakes or cookies! And I hope you give this li ttle tip a try. And I hope you find inspiration to trust the universe. Because in the end, it has its best interest out for you. And you just need to put a little faith, a little trust and a little pixie dust into it, quoted by Tinker Bell. But for now. And I hope you enjoyed this little episode. And I hope it made you smile. If it did, I would love it. If you can let me know in the comments. So I know what sort of episodes you guys are enjoying. And thank you so much for listening. I love you very much. I'm sending you all my sparkles because I have so much to give. And I will talk to you next time, tootle-oo, bye bye!

I have an Instagram and a Facebook page and my handle Is Silver Key Creations, that's Silver Key Creations! Take a look at what I'm currently up to and let me deliver you some visual sparkles, because the voice can only do half of the part. Right? Well, thank you so much, it means the world to me. You can see all of my artwork and what I'm currently working on at You can also join my Flutter Flock. My Flutter Flock is my positivity group where I share sparkles from my heart to yours. It's just one little extra step above the podcast! If that feels right to you, be sure to join, and I'd love to have you. You can join by going to my website and signing up for my newsletter. And I would love to hear from you guys, leave a comment and I'll be sure to reply. And every little drop of support means the absolute world to me and I cherish your love and support. So thank you so much, but that's all for now! Enjoy your day, and I'll talk to you next time. Bye! Tootles for now!

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